One of leading manufacturers of medical scanning equipment decided to work with us, for a system meeting their standards. The system was to be integrated into multiple scanning machines manufactured by our client.

Being medical devices, used for diagnostic purposes, it was mandated that the image reproduction from the system be flawless. This required extensive testing and binning of processors at PAKO, during the system integration phase. Our team’s experience with various critical systems allowed a smooth interaction and interface with the customer’s team and understanding of requirements. We were able to deliver this expectation without any hassles.

The customer also required us to customize the BIOS supplied on the boards to allow global license processing for the operating system component. This customization allowed faster deployment of the systems.

All of these requirements were met by PAKO’s expert system integration team without any problems, and the customer has now been working with PAKO for similar projects over the past few years.


  • Intel I7 based solution
  • Nvidia Graphics Card
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