The consummate need to be fulfilling in every aspect of a product forms the cornerstone of our design philosophy. The insight that this need gives, allows us to design products with a harmonious balance of the “cost, quality and performance” triumvirate.

You could choose to engage our complete design services or engage us for any of the stages mentioned below.


Product Design

Single and Multi-layer
PCB Design

Embedded Systems Design

Firmware programming

Prototyping & Electronic
Manufacturing Services

Pre-Compliance Testing


Design optimization
for reliability or cost


Board Bring-up


Design and development engineers, usually from at least two different fields of expertise, depending upon the customer requirement, are involved into understanding and documenting what is needed.

The feasibility of the project within the projected time-span and projected cost is evaluated at this stage, by our internal team of engineers. Multiple meetings maybe required, to understand how scalable the product must be, and to understand how scalable it can become in the given cost and time constraints. Any research activities are marked out at this stage.

A scope of work document is mutually signed at this stage to freeze the specifications and certification requirements.

Detailed Design Specification and Logic Design:

A block level hypothesis is shared with the customer, to understand fields of expertise required in the execution of the design. Technologies to fulfill the specifications requirement of individual blocks as well as the product as a whole are envisaged to understand worst and best case cost and time scenarios.

Commercials are usually finalized and closed once the requirements and signed off through the mutually agreed upon scope of work document.


Simulated Circuit Design & Packaging Considerations:

The scope of work and block schematic are further used to draw up electrical schematics of the actual circuitry that is to be implemented to meet the requirements.

In parallel an on-screen 3D model of the enclosure is prepared, if required, and approval process is carried out. Ingress protection, ESD specifications are designed into the enclosure by our team of engineers.

For customized enclosures, dependent upon the materials used, 3D printing or direct machining maybe carried out to accelerate the enclosure prototype development.

On the circuit design front, we have dedicated resources with hands-on experience in high speed board design, bring-up and signal integrity analysis. The design, when possible, is modularized for maximum flexibility and reuse of blocks in case product reconfiguration is requested by the client.

Design for X (DFX) principles are utilized at every level of thought at this stage to save pilferage of resources at later stages of manufacturing, and unwelcome hassles for the end customer during the product life cycle.

Prototyping and Design Review:

Our in-house manufacturing capability and ready inventory ensures we are exponentially faster than our competitors in prototype developed for design and feasibility evaluation. If need be, changes can be made at an accelerated pace to the design and/or housing, keeping the pre-established goals in mind.


The test strategies are defined, and if need be, custom testing equipment are either sourced or setup for the purpose. PAKO is one of the few DMS companies in India fully equipped with state of the art testing facilities to cater to the full JSS-5555 land equipment specification’s test requirements.

You can view our detailed testing abilities here.


All documents such as schematic diagram with part values, PCB layout files, drill information files, fully commented source code and relevant program files for the programmable components, PC software developed as part of design (if any), complete documentation of the project and all other deliverables needed for mass manufacturing the product are collated, standardized and maintained in a version controlled redundant storage mechanism. Dependent upon the engagement contract they might be shared with the customer. We ensure that our documents are compliant with globally established norms and nomenclatures for you to manufacture the product anywhere in the world.

Approvals and Accreditations:

We have an innate understanding of the standards set for new product approvals to qualify them as mass marketable by accrediting bodies such as the FCC part 15/part 68 requirements in USA or CE mark in European countries. We make it a point that the products we design get cleared for manufacturing in one go, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and precious time for our clients ensuring much shorter concept-to-market lead times. If you chose, we also assist with liasoning with accreditation bodies and test facilities to ensure the process is hassle free for you.

Test Productions:

We are fully equipped for mass production and logistics management of new products. We also offer test production services for you to have a small number of products manufactured and tested in the market.

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Data Maintenance :

Data Maintenance (Backups, Redundant backups, Knowledge transfer etc.)

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