We have a highly capable in-house team of talented engineers to help you with service requests. Your returned products will be serviced by engineers with deep technical expertise in product design for excellence, well versed with handling critical equipment such as, JBC Workstations, BGA – Reworking, Inspection and Re-Balling systems available in house.
We endeavor not just to repair, find the root cause of failure and ship back the product in the shortest turnaround time, but also to improve product design. We have in place a robust feedback loop that conveys the Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) to Design and Manufacturing teams to prevent the same occurrence again by incorporating learnings from RMA service request into the original product design. This leads to new test formulations and enhanced system architecture.

PAKO as Authorized 3rd Party RMA Partner

We also help you manage RMA requests from your customers. As your RMA partner, we coordinate with your clients to ship your products to us, get it serviced and returned with minimum hassle to you. This saves you the trouble to have a setup near your customers with the sole purpose of servicing sold products in case of defects or warranty claims. Utilizing our expertise in RMA servicing and reverse logistics saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on your core operating strengths.

Warranty Returns

Products to be returned must be within the applicable warranty period. If the warranty period is over, the original product will be returned to the customer in as is condition on TO PAY basis.

RMA Procedure

A request is raised on our website for issuance of an RMA number.
After obtaining the RMA number, it will be the responsibility of the customer to dispatch the material to our Ex-factory for repair. Kindly ensure RMA number or RMA form is displayed on the outside of the carton.Until the unit reaches our premises, the responsibility and title for the unit lies solely with the customer. After receiving the unit for repair/replacement, PAKO will evaluate the claim for RMA servicing and communicate the repair status or quotation to the customer in 3 working days via email/telephone.After receipt of the defective product, PAKO will either repair or replace the product and ship out under decided shipping terms.
The Repair process will be initiated once the approval is obtained from the customer. The approximate lead time is at least 2 to 3 weeks. PAKO offers 3 months warranty on repaired products and 12 months warranty on replaced products.

Non-Warranty Returns

If the customer wishes to return a product for repair that is no longer within the warranty period, or for damage not covered by the warranty, a PAKO sales representative will advise the customer of the estimated cost of the repair. Return of the product will be the authorization to repair and agreement to pay for the cost of repair, whether or not it exceeds the original estimate.

RMA Transportation Policy

Transportation Charges

All customers are responsible for all freight charges involved in shipping the defective products to Ex-factory of PAKO. PAKO will cover the cost of returning products that are under warranty via courier to customers in the union of India after repair or replacement.
International customers are responsible for all transportation, insurance, duties and other similar charges for all returned products shipped outside of the territory of Indian union and must ensure that the product is appropriately packaged. Shipping damages resulting from improper packaging will be solely the customer’s responsibility.
PAKO is not responsible for product lost during transit. All products being returned for Limited Warranty repair or replacement must be sent freight prepaid.

Peripheral Parts from 3rd Party Manufacturer

All the computer peripheral parts that are not directly sourced from us (which includes but is not limited to CPUs, Fans, Memory, Hard Drives, Disk on Chip, CD ROMs, software, cables and Floppy Drives, unless specifically stated otherwise) are not returnable and carry an implied, industry standard 30-Day warranty against defects due to manufacturing or failure. Warranty does not include improper use by user. After 30-day warranty period, customers must contact the particular manufacturer for service.

Customer Responsibilities

By requesting service, the eligible customer acknowledges the terms of the limited warranty, including the disclaimer and limitation of liability provision. PAKO, WITHOUT LIMITATION, is not responsible for lost, damaged or otherwise destroyed data due to service.

Transportation Damages

In cases of transportation damage, customer is responsible for filing any and all claims with the carrier.
To avoid any potential risk that an RMA product is lost or damaged while in transit to our Ex-factory, it is recommended that the customer insures and declares the full value of the RMA product since the customer is 100% responsible for the RMA product while in transit. We urge customers to pack the RMA product carefully to avoid transit damage. PAKO will not be responsible or will not accept any product that has been damaged in transit.

Warranty Forfeiture

Warranty is not granted if a product is received without original invoice. Warranty is void if serial tags, receiving numbers, product stickers, or manufacturer seals have been removed, altered or tampered with. Warranty is void if mishandling, improper use, or defacing of the product that would normally void manufacturer's warranty has occurred. PAKO will not accept products that have been abused, misused, damaged due to natural or personal disaster or has been disassembled without authorization, repaired or modified.Products damaged due to improper or inadequate packaging when returned for RMA purposes are not granted warranty coverage.


PAKO reserves the right to change any of its terms of Service, warranty policies, service programs, service Methods and/or similar policies at any time and without Prior or formal notice to its customers, vendors, resellers, end users or similar.
Other points to be cognizant of:
  • Replacement or repaired material will be shipped only on working days.
  • For customer all the RMA reports will be available on our RMA portal only for three months from the date of dispatch from PAKO.
  • PAKO will not be responsible for any type of software level issue i.e. Operating System, Driver Installation, BIOS upgradation, any application software etc nor any types of consumables such as VGA cable, Power cable, etc.
  • PAKO will calculate labor charges on all the items which will be checked in PAKO RMA premises, standard charges will depend upon product, time spent by the labor on the job, etc.The customer is liable to pay service charges in case they disagree to go ahead with RMA servicing after getting detailed repair quotation from sales team.
  • Two decades of expertise in product conception, design and manufacturing
  • End to End complex electronics design and manufactuing services
  • Executed projects worth $100 Million
  • Gearing up with 400,000 Sq. feet manufacturing and warehousing facilities
  • 200+ satisfied customers
  • Cross industry expertise
  • An ISO/ TS 16949:2009 certified company

Corporate Head Office

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