See opportunities arise across geographies and industry verticals, but lack know-how to penetrate the markets? If you are a component manufacturer seeking to grow your reach and revenues, PAKO has the means to help you make inroads into your targeted markets.

Leverage PAKO’s brand value and resources to gain visibility and trust. Our pan India presence, trained sales force and an established customer base ensure you hit the ground running. PAKO’s dedicated team of marketing and sales reps work closely with you to develop and executea clear, customized strategy to tap potential markets based on your offerings and objectives. PAKO also offers complete division buyout options if the customer so chooses.

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Our 360° offerings such as inventory management, logistical support, multi-currency billing, RMA and Warranty servicing ensure we save you valuable time and money. Focus on your core competencies of product innovation as we work to take your brand to new horizons and beyond.
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