Bussiness Challenge

PAKO enabled Digital Signage Solution help clients keep track of uptime and facilitate remote operation to optimize ads displayed and energy consumed.

A diversified company with a mobile networking arm, catering to malls and digital technology outlets needed a digital signage solution.

Their requirement statement was simple, "we want to know uptime for all our signage solutions and the solution must be able to remotely and automatically control display parameters to have optimal efficiency."
 At the time there was already a standard in place for part of the requirements, PoPAI. The problem was none of the displays/signage solutions provided ready integration of the standard. And the standard itself did not cover the uptime information requirement.

With our expertise in the field of digital signage and deep understanding of commercials involved, we were already ahead of any competition that might have existed in terms of catering to PoPAI standards and beyond. As part of our digital signage product development roadmap, our product innovation team, along with the agile development team had already drawn up specifications for the product and implemented many of the required features.

Thus when the customer reached out to PAKO Technologies inquiring about a possible solution, we were ready not only with a paper presentation but with a 32" display prototype that had almost complete PoPAI compliance and an uptime and power consumption monitor with tamper reporting.

The solution was accepted by the customer, with minor modifications to allow easy integration with their data analytics software backend. Subsequently this was successfully manufactured and deployed pan India for the client, by PAKO Technologies.
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