System Integration

PAKO is well versed in handling BTO/CTO standalone and multi- system integration requirements. Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to help define the desired system based on required functionality, cost, form factor, and performance. Our deep understanding of system integration across industry verticals, allows our team to narrow down the product selection to a system definition, which will perform as per customer expectations.

Have we built the right thing and have we built it right?

We go to great lengths to answer this cliché. Today's systems are highly complex, with sub-system interdependencies that could lead to anomalies. The procurement and engineering team has access to an extensive database for procurement resource management as well as a compatibility matrix to ensure that the procured components are guaranteed to work well together. OS compatibility issues or requirements are part of this matrix. The in-house integration lab team ensure that any sub - system compatibility issues are resolved before starting integration process.

The tests carried out at this stage are to gauge the reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, portability, suitability, accuracy, compliance, interoperability and security attributes of the system as a whole.

Each system is burned in and tested to ensure full system functionality. If required, PAKO can provide complete system certification services for national and international emission and safety standards.
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